Arco Doppio Con Piediniarco-doppio-con-piedini
21) Monoarc Fisso Con Piedini A Saldare221) Monoarc fisso con piedini a saldare2
03) Sistema Monoarc 220Wp Enecom 260Wp Solbian SP03) Sistema Monoarc 220Wp Enecom 260Wp Solbian SP
Monoarc Fix 20monoarc-fix-20
Product Code: MA0011

Monoarc custom structure complete for bimini

Base price (VAT excluded): 440,00 €
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Price (VAT included): 484,00 €

The steel bended tubolar arch has 2 central crosses for the installation of 2 Sun Bar module.

The 2 extensible legs have steel pins made to be welded directly on the back arc of the bimini.

For all the biminis with the back arch fixed and connected to the pulpit.


pins angled  at 60° /  pins angled  at 90° 

2x104Wp Solbian / 2x110 Enecom / 2x130Wp Solbian