Sun Bar Rollbar

Are you looking for a Rollbar with nicely integrated solar panels for your sailing boat? This steel and customized structure is an extension of the back pulpit of your sailing boat and it is designed to install our Sun Bar photovoltaic light, thin and curved solar modules.


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Each semi rigid Sun Bar module has a Solbian  flexible light solar panel inside (well blocked but easy removable) and it is available in different shapes and power (quadrangular or rectangular - width cm 54, 68 and 85) to built your solar bar depending the size of the boat.

Maximum arrow of the arches (22 or 25mm) is 3%. 

The custom Rollbar structure will come to you ready to be installed on the back pulpit of your sailing yach and will be produced with just the 4 basic measurements of your back pulpit (see the online Customization Order Form) 

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Complete and custom Rollbar - 1 module

Base price (VAT excluded): 1100,00 €
Sales price without tax: 1100,00 €
Discount: (0%)

Price (VAT included): 1210,00 €

Complete and custom Rollbar - 2 modules

Base price (VAT excluded): 1300,00 €
Sales price without tax: 1300,00 €
Discount: (0%)

Price (VAT included): 1430,00 €

Complete and custom Rollbar - 3 modules

Base price (VAT excluded): 1900,00 €
Sales price without tax: 1900,00 €
Discount: (0%)

Price (VAT included): 2090,00 €

Sun Bar corner fixing - Solbian SX108Wp (1054x694)

Base price (VAT excluded): 714,00 €
Sales price without tax: 714,00 €
Discount: (0%)

Price (VAT included): 785,40 €

Sun Bar corner fixing - Solbian SP104Wp (1118x551)

Base price (VAT excluded): 1020,00 €
Sales price without tax: 918,00 €
Discount: 102,00 € (10%)

Price (VAT included): 1009,80 €

Sun Bar corner fixing - Solbian SP118Wp (863x811)

Base price (VAT excluded): 1090,00 €
Sales price without tax: 981,00 €
Discount: 109,00 € (10%)

Price (VAT included): 1079,10 €