01) Solar Installation On Hanse 458 Solbian Asseaboat01) Solar installation on Hanse 458 Solbian Asseaboat
04  Monoarc Orientabile04- Monoarc orientabile
Monoarc Adj (1)7monoarc-adj-(1)7
Monoarc Sui Supporti Poppa 3Monoarc sui supporti poppa 3
Product Code: MA0018

Steel arch with double crosses - customized and complete

Base price (VAT excluded): 580,00 €
Sales price without tax 580,00 €
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Price (VAT included): 638,00 €

Steel arch (mm 25) with 2 crosses. This is the base part to build an adjustable or fixed system like that in the picture.

For 2 Sun Bar Monoarc Solbian 104Wp or

For 2 Sun Bar Monoarc Solbian 130Wp / Enecom 110Wp

Customization and attacks included to fit any boat and specific client demands