Sun Bar Wing

ASSEABOAT professional installation of flexible solar panels photovoltaic Systems on the roof or on the davits of any multihull.

Wing Systems ready in KIT for all the Lagoon models until the 52s (39, 400S2, New40, 42, 46, 450, 500).


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The Sun Bar Wing is the ASSEABOAT proposal for a professional and specific photovoltaic system on a Multihull.

Our steel and aluminum structures allow an easy installation of the light and flexible Solbian solar panels on the davits or at the back of the roof by using the thin, light, curved  and semirigid Sun Bar modules.

These modules are made of aluminum and have an integrated fixing system for the steel tubolars.

With a rectangular or quadrangular shape and different Solbian solar panels inside they are the basic element  to build a new, nice and effective solar system for almost any Multihull.

With additional flexible solar panels on the deck or on the bimini we offer a complete and wide range of proposals to make your Catamaran  energy-independent.

Please note that 744 Wp (biggest size) solar array on the back of the roof or on the davits performs as about 1.3 Kw on the bimini on the deck. 



Sun Bar Wing roof - Solbian SP496Wp

Base price (VAT excluded): 7060,00 €
Sales price without tax: 7060,00 €
Discount: (0%)

Price (VAT included): 7766,00 €

Sun Bar Wing roof - Solbian SP620Wp

Base price (VAT excluded): 8100,00 €
Sales price without tax: 8100,00 €
Discount: (0%)

Price (VAT included): 8910,00 €

Sun Bar Wing roof - Solbian SP744Wp

Base price (VAT excluded): 9140,00 €
Sales price without tax: 9140,00 €
Discount: (0%)

Price (VAT included): 10054,00 €

Sun Bar Wing davits - Solbian SP660Wp

Base price (VAT excluded): 8040,00 €
Sales price without tax: 8040,00 €
Discount: (0%)

Price (VAT included): 8844,00 €