Sun Bar Mini Rail

Are you looking for an easy system to put some solar panels on your sailing boat leaving all you deck free? The Mini Rail Easy Move is the answer.

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Our solar module for the lifelines is light, rigid and thin: only 1.7 kg for just 4 mm thickness (17,5mm on the board hinge). The fastening system is so easy that the module can be moved in seconds to the best position for the better insolation. The opening through rotation is managed by a simple, adjustable rope and elastic lines system.


Mini Rail Easy Move Solbian SP16L x 2 108Wp - KIT all included

Base price (VAT excluded): 1340,00 €
Sales price without tax: 1139,00 €
Discount: 201,00 € (15%)

Price (VAT included): 1252,90 €

Mini Rail Easy Move Solbian SP16L 54W

Base price (VAT excluded): 540,00 €
Sales price without tax: 540,00 €
Discount: (0%)

Price (VAT included): 594,00 €