Wing Solar System for Nautitech 40 Open

First Wing Solar System Asseaboat on a Nautitech 40 Open!

On another Nautitech 40 we are going to install 4 Solbian SX176 on the deck with a Perfix system to allow to place and remove the photovoltaic modules in winter to extend their life.   

Which of the 2 Systems will perform better?  On one side more power on the deck (704Wp), with the Wing System something less  (472Wp) but a wonderful position far from any shadow and a good ventilation to reduce the working temperature......


A few pictures of the Wing System:

 02 Ala Solare Asseaboat Solbian Nautitech 40 Open

08 Solar Flexible Solbian For Multihulls Asseaboat Wing System Installation

14 Nautitech Solar System Asseaboat